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Complications – Abortion’s Impact on Women

References more than 650 world-wide empirical peer-reviewed studies of the physical
and psychological harm of abortion trauma on women.

  • American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • New England Journal of Medicine
  • British Medical Journal…and more!

HUSH Documentary – A Liberating Conversation About Abortion and Women’s Health 

“Refreshing, if not wholly unprecedented.” – The Rebel

“Discover the truth behind the health information being given to women prior to an abortion is subject to the politics of the people involved.  Putting aside ideology, Director and Producer take an honest, scientific look, at the highly disputed and politicized information around abortions’ long-term effects on women’s health.  The discoveries they made are not just VITAL to the subject of reproductive healthcare, but also critical to the director’s own life, and integral to the ongoing discussion and progress of women everywhere.”

See why this is important to us

NOW, policy makers have the best available science and the relationship between women’s lifelong healthcare and abortion trauma.

Abortion Trauma Truth Exposed:


  1. Clarify messaging & dialog
  2. Add to the healthcare plank in the platform

“We believe women have the right to know and receive full disclosure of all lifelong risk factors of their reproductive decisions, including abortion trauma. We commit to putting science and worldwide empirical research over ideology so that women can make fully informed reproductive decisions impacting their lifelong healthcare. Abortion is trauma.”

Our Legislative Agenda Consists of:

Women’s Right to Know and full disclosure about the risks and complications of abortion. Women must be given the opportunity to understand their unborn child’s stage of development. Community resources available to women, many of them at no cost to them are available from non-profit organizations. An informed consent law protects a woman’s right to know the medical risks associated with abortion, its alternatives, and nonjudgmental, scientifically accurate medical facts about the development of her unborn child before making this permanent and life-affecting decision. Women’s Right to Know legislation that adds this clause: “Women who cannot care for unwanted children should be encouraged to use the Safe Haven laws in every state.”

About Us

We are a national network of personal testimonies; friends of the court, featured in Amicus Briefs, including local and national legislative hearings. We are changing the dialogue and discussion advocating for women’s lifelong healthcare and well-being. We educate and consult legislators in best practices: “When they say, you say” coaching. We prepare them for effective media exposure. We are building bridges across generational, relational, and gender gaps which abortion has fractured. We are a coalition of citizen lobbyists located around the country who are not funded by any organization – we are S.M.A.R.T. Women’s Healthcare Advocates. If you feel compelled to help advance this critical and timely initiative you can make a contribution to our GoFundMe here.

WHY this is Important to Us

S.M.A.R.T. Women’s Healthcare Initiative is an independent stand-alone entity. It is a grassroots movement of people from all walks of life who care deeply about women getting all of the information they need to make healthy lifelong healthcare decisions.
We are not affiliated or funded by any particular organization, political party or ideology. We believe that the mountains of growing evidence through worldwide and best available science, is bringing to light the risk factors and potential complications for women making life changing, lifelong healthcare decisions they deserve to know the truth.
One element of our initiative focuses on women’s right to know and full disclosure of the risks and complications of abortion.
Our focus is on a loving, compassionate, civil, and honest dialogue about an issue which has for far too long divided us.  We hope wholeheartedly that abortion will be unthinkable BECAUSE we care, know, and understand that the risks and complications are too great a price for women and society, to sacrifice at the altar of political ideology and fear.  We hope our message with help change unhealthy lifestyles and self-destructive behaviors that lead to unexpected outcomes.   Women’s Lifelong Healthcare and the Truth should matter to us all. In case you are wondering why we don’t talk much about the babies, we believe this is a complimentary message that will put an extra barrier and hedge of protection around the babies if mommies, daddies and society understands the greater picture, and understands the risk factors and complications impacting everyone.  #mommybabyrescue #sciencematters


S.M.A.R.T. Women’s Healthcare Brochure

“Complications” Brochure

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