“Culture of Outrage”

The last few weeks have been interesting and disheartening to say the least as we observe the onslaught of news about sexual misconduct that has so deeply permeated our culture.   From allegations, accusations, admissions of guilt and full on evidence of guilt some caught red-handed.   People’s lives have been altered forever as their day of reckoning has come.   Or, in perhaps, some cases a political witchhunt, from both sides of the aisle.

It is my heartfelt and deepest belief that no one is beyond hope and recovery for such horrible & destructive behaviors.   But the first step is facing the reality of the role each person played in exploiting, abusing, devaluing, overpowering another precious human being, whether male or female, at any age or stage of their life.   What has become of our thought processes, attitudes, emotions about others in the world around us?

I believe we ALL, except children of course, have a personal responsibility & human obligation to take a long hard look at our own long held beliefs, prejudices and judgements of others.   Changing a culture starts with each individual of that culture.

Socrates once said, “The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living.”  Learning good reasoning, understanding the power of our minds to think – you might call it common sense.  Scripture instructs us to “Seek First the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and all of the rest will be added unto you.”  Wisdom is not necessarily knowledge either.   I challenge the notion of “knowledge is power” a bit, and would submit “WISDOM IS POWER.”  

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.   

What are your thought processes?   What’s going through your mind as you process all of this?  Our thoughts lead to emotions, attitudes and actions and can impact our physical health, manifesting in many ways.

What are your values, how do you value others?   Do you use logic & wisdom?  Do you love wisdom?  Do you love others unconditionally?  Do you live a principled life?  Are these perhaps questions you have never asked yourself?   Do you just go along with the status quo, or mob mentality?    Some of what we are seeing in our culture through social media and mainstream media is just downright hateful and destructive to us all.

Coming across the tweets of Matt Damon & Alyssa Milano’s open letter in response has stirred up a hornet’s nest!  In reality though it has triggered a whole lot of past trauma, including sexual trauma for a lot of people, not just women.  It’s really made me think and ponder a lot.  Sexuality in our culture has become very distorted, harmful and hurtful, causing tremendous heartache all over again when these topics  come up.  If we are truly honest with ourselves, abortion is a form of sexual trauma and abuse at the soul level, and women are being triggered.  Especially women who were forced and threatened into having one.

It’s like ripping the scab off of a wound over and over again.  Making so many people just feel raw, like walking around as an open wound, on edge, fatigued, angry and often just downright hostile.

Deep breath….peace be still….

In the bigger picture of things, we are operating in a culture of trauma, and we should be outraged that we have let it go unchecked for so long.

Misogyny & Misandry – I think we’re at a CROSSROADS…we’ve realized some very unhealthy patterns in our culture.  It is time for a course correction.

We are constantly hearing all about misogyny, yet we rarely hear much talk about it’s counterpart, misandry, the hatred of men and it’s come to an extremely unhealthy level of fingerprinting and blame in our culture – pitting us against each other.

I believe there are a lot of things that have contributed to this epidemic.   I also believe that it is never too late for a course correction.   We can, and must, go in a new direction and address, at the core foundational tenants of our society, that men and women have equal value, equal worth, equal contribution, equal right to protection from exploitation of any kind at all ages and stages of life.   

Changing course requires us all, one person at a time, to look deeply at where we have in any way contributed to the error of our ways of misogyny or misandry.   They are both destructive, and may I submit, it is not the legacy we want to leave & teach our children and future generations.

We All Can Be The Change God Wants To See In The World!  Because the Kingdom of God is Righteousness, Peace and Joy!  I don’t think any of us can deny that we want more of that!

Lots to ponder….consider….and examine!

My dream, hope and prayer is that we can learn from the traumas & truths of 2017 and take a long hard look into the lessons we must learn through all of this.

That we would NOT repeat the mistakes of the past.  But we would learn what it looks like to truly love unconditionally, examine our motives, examine our thoughts & attitudes, reconcile with God and each other….one day at a time, one person at a time.   

I pray for Love, Joy and Peace to You!  




    • Thank you Sandy, you are so kind. We are living in some tough times. There is such a huge need for healing and reconciliation. Blessings to you and your precious family!


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